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As we kick off 2024, the startup ecosystem continues to buzz with activity. January has seen a flurry of investments across various stages, with some standout “biggest checks” and dynamic activity from the most active investors. Here’s a comprehensive look at what January 2024 brought to the startup world. (2023 Most Active Investor Summary)

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MonthDetailsPre-SeedSeedSeries ASeries B
Jan, 2024Total # of Investments108422207113
Total Investment in $M$8.6$1,145$2,979$3,214
Biggest check #1FORA ($3.8M)International Battery Company ($35M)Zhongshi Cloud Group ($280.2M)Electra ($332.7M
Biggest check #2Bagel Network ($3.1M)Sakana AI ($30M)Cour Pharmaceuticals Development ($105M)Aira ($157.6M)
Biggest check #3Cargado ($3M)Agrawal's AI initiative ($30M)HashKey Group ($100M)INERATEC ($128.2M)
Biggest check #4bbox ($2.7M)Zhiyihuiyun ($28.1M)OnCusp Therapeutics ($100M) ($123.4M)
Biggest check #5Metris Energy ($2.5M)DISCO Pharmaceuticals ($21.7M)Lykos Therapeutics ($100M)Second Dinner Studios ($100M)
Most active investor #1IKIGAI (6)Bluepoint Partners (6)Addor Capital (4)Lucion (2)
Most active investor #2Sabancı ARF (5)Encomenda VC (5)OKX Ventures (3)IVP (2)
Most active investor #3Y Combinator (4)CNTTECH (3)HV Capital (2)New Enterprise Associates (2)
Most active investor #4Antler (3)CNT Tech-DB Dream Big Investment Association (3)Aeonmed Medical Treatment (2)Cathay Innovation (2)
Most active investor #5Nanabianca (2)Strong Ventures (3)L Catterton (2)SDIC Venture Capital (2)

Pre-Seed Stage

  • Total Investments: 108
  • Total Investment Value: $8.6M
  • Biggest Checks:
    • FORA leads with a $3.8M investment.
    • Bagel Network follows with $3.1M.
  • Most Active Investor: IKIGAI, with 6 investments.

Seed Stage

  • Total Investments: 422
  • Total Investment Value: $1,145M
  • Biggest Checks:
    • International Battery Company stands out with a $35M investment.
    • Sakana AI and Agrawal’s AI initiative both secure $30M.
  • Most Active Investor: Bluepoint Partners, also with 6 investments.

Series A Stage

  • Total Investments: 207
  • Total Investment Value: $2,979M
  • Biggest Checks:
    • Zhongshi Cloud Group received a staggering $280.2M.
    • Cour Pharmaceuticals Development and HashKey Group each attracted $100M.
  • Most Active Investor: Addor Capital leads with 4 investments.

Series B Stage

  • Total Investments: 113
  • Total Investment Value: $3,214M
  • Biggest Checks:
    • Electra takes the lead with a massive $332.7M investment.
    • Aira secures $157.6M.
  • Most Active Investor: Lucion and IVP, each with 2 investments.

Key Insights

  • High-Value Deals: January witnessed some high-value deals, particularly in Series A and Series B stages, reflecting investor confidence in more mature startups.
  • Diverse Industry Interest: Investments spanned across diverse industries, from AI and pharmaceuticals to energy and cloud computing.
  • Active Early Stage Investments: The Pre-Seed and Seed stages showed vibrant activity, indicating a healthy interest in nurturing emerging startups.


The investment landscape in January 2024 demonstrates a robust and diverse ecosystem, ready to foster innovation across various sectors. With a mix of new and familiar players, the stage is set for an exciting year ahead in the world of startups.

Stay tuned with for more updates and insights into the ever-evolving startup scene.

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