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Oran Yehiel

Oran Yehiel is the founder of Startup Geek, with an MBA specializing in financial management and a background in Deloitte. As a Certified Public Accountant and Digital Marketing Professional, he writes about venture capital, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more, bringing a wealth of experience to businesses seeking growth and success.

The Power of User Generated Content (UGC): A Complete Guide


In the vast ocean of digital content, User-Generated Content (UGC) stands out as the treasure coveted by brands and marketers alike. Why? Because it’s authentic, engaging, and, most importantly, created by the very people businesses strive to connect with: their customers. Imagine harnessing the power of genuine customer experiences to propel your brand into the …

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Voice Search Registration: Optimizing Your Website for Voice Searches

Voice Search Registration

“Hey Siri, find me the nearest coffee shop.” This simple command is a glimpse into the future of search engine optimization, where Voice Search Registration becomes pivotal. In this digital era, where convenience is king, optimizing your website for voice searches isn’t just smart; it’s essential. This article peels back the layers of voice search …

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Most Active Investors 2024

Most active Investors 2024

As we kick off 2024, the startup ecosystem continues to buzz with activity. January has seen a flurry of investments across various stages, with some standout “biggest checks” and dynamic activity from the most active investors. Here’s a comprehensive look at what January 2024 brought to the startup world. (2023 Most Active Investor Summary) Pre-Seed …

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Understanding Churn Rate: What It Is and How to Reduce It

Churn rate

Have you ever wondered why customers decide to say goodbye to a service or product they once loved? That’s churn rate for you – a sneaky little metric with a big impact on your business’s health. Understanding churn rate is not just about numbers; it’s a gateway to customer loyalty and improved revenue. So, let’s …

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Start Strong, Stay Stronger: The Art of Financial Planning for Startups

Financial Planning for Startups

A 2020 survey by Wilbur Labs revealed a stark truth: the leading cause of startup failure is financial depletion. Financial planning is more than just crunching numbers; it’s the strategic compass guiding startups. It directs resources, mitigates risks, and transforms visions into realities.  Moreover, a solid financial blueprint enhances credibility, attracting discerning investors.  For every …

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The Ultimate Guide to FP&A: Financial Planning and Analysis Explained


In the fiercely competitive startup world, understanding your financial health is non-negotiable. But while maintaining your balance sheet is crucial, a deeper level of financial wisdom propels your company from mere survival to ultimate success. We present the ultimate guide to Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) – an essential yet less understood discipline that can …

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Best ESO Plan Practices for Startups in 2024


An Employee Stock Option Plan (ESO) is a powerful tool that startups use to attract and retain top talent. In simple terms, it’s a promise from the company that allows employees to buy a certain number of shares at a fixed price. This can be a win-win situation – employees get a piece of the …

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How to Prepare for Due Diligence: A Step by Step Guide for Startups

due diligance

When angel investors, venture capital, or strategic partners consider investing, it usually involves several steps. They’ll meet with you, and you’ll likely have to present your business proposal. There will be a series of questions and discussions. If everything looks promising, the next stage is due diligence for your startup. Now, here’s the thing – …

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Unit Economics 101: 7 Strategies for Improving Unit Economics

unit economics

Understanding the financial foundation of your startup is crucial for long-term success. This read provides a comprehensive guide to the fundamental metrics that determine the profitability and sustainability of your business model.  Designed specifically for startup founders, this guide simplifies complex concepts, ensuring that even those new to finance can gain a clear insight into …

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