Pomodoro Timer

My Top 5 To-Do List For Today

What is Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro timer is a simple time management tool that can be used to improve your productivity. The Pomodoro Technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo for a more productive way to work and study. The basic idea is to break down your work into smaller chunks and to take regular breaks in between. The Pomodoro timer helps you to do this by dividing your time into 25-minute intervals, with 5-minute breaks in between. After 4 Pomodoros (or 100 minutes), you take a longer break of 10 minutes. The Pomodoro timer is a great way to stay focused and avoid burnout. It can also help you to track your progress and see how much you have accomplished at the end of the day.

How to work with the timer

  • Best to use on Desktop (it can also work on Mobile if you keep the tab open)
  • List the top 5 tasks you would like to complete today (it can be less or more, but we recommend to focus on 5)
  • Click on the Pomodoro button. The default is 25min. You can use the + or - sign to increase or decrease the time you need to complete each task.
  • Select a task you would like to work on
  • Start the timer and focus on the task until you hear the alarm (mute your mobile phone and other gadgets for zero distraction)
  • Take a break for 5 minutes (you will need to click on the short break button)
  • Move to the next task (don't forget to check the task you completed)
  • After 4 pomodoros take a longer break (click on the long break button)