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Best ESO Plan Practices for Startups in 2023


An Employee Stock Option Plan (ESO) is a powerful tool that startups use to attract and retain top talent. In simple terms, it’s a promise from the company that allows employees to buy a certain number of shares at a fixed price. This can be a win-win situation – employees get a piece of the …

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How to Prepare for Due Diligence: A Step by Step Guide for Startups

due diligance

When angel investors, venture capital, or strategic partners consider investing, it usually involves several steps. They’ll meet with you, and you’ll likely have to present your business proposal. There will be a series of questions and discussions. If everything looks promising, the next stage is due diligence for your startup. Now, here’s the thing – …

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Unit Economics 101: 7 Strategies for Improving Unit Economics

unit economics

Understanding the financial foundation of your startup is crucial for long-term success. This read provides a comprehensive guide to the fundamental metrics that determine the profitability and sustainability of your business model.  Designed specifically for startup founders, this guide simplifies complex concepts, ensuring that even those new to finance can gain a clear insight into …

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All You Need To Know About Federal Income Tax

Federal Income Tax

Before diving into the startup world, federal income tax might have seemed like a distant concern. Now, as a founder, it’s front and center. Transition smoothly with this guide, bridging the gap between uncertainty and clarity. We break down the essentials, ensuring you’re well-prepared to handle your startup’s tax obligations with confidence. Brief Overview of …

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4 Proven Strategies To Boost Bookings, Billings & Revenues (+ Important KPIs)


Bookings, billings, and revenue are often used interchangeably in the dynamic business landscape.  However, understanding their differences is vital for assessing a company’s: As a startup, Saas, or entrepreneur, you must know them and figure out where to apply them to make the most of your company. This comprehensive guide delves into the definitions, significance, …

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7 Steps to Optimize Your Sales Process and Boost Your Profits

Sales Process

Starting a business is exciting, but without a solid sales process, growth can stall. This struggle leaves many startup founders feeling frustrated and stuck, unsure of how to turn potential customers into profits.  An effective sales process enhances success rates, converts prospects into deals, and ensures that every sales team member provides consistent, positive experiences …

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10 Powerful Time Management Tips That Can Help You Right Away

time management tips

In the world of entrepreneurship, where innovation meets execution, effective time management stands out as a defining trait of industry leaders. Icons like Bill Gates with his “Deep Work” sessions, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos have not only revolutionized their respective industries but have also showcased exemplary time management skills.  In this article, we’ll dive …

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Investor Report: Financial Analysis and Portfolio Performance

Investor Report

If you’re a startup founder navigating the challenging waters of investors and financial analysis, this blog post is a lighthouse amid your storm. We’ll break down the complexities of an investor report, dig deep into financial analysis, and explore how these elements impact portfolio performance. Don’t wander aimlessly in the investment landscape – empower yourself …

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Learning about team collaboration and project management is crucial for businesses aiming to enhance productivity and streamline operations. It’s akin to having a metaphorical dashboard that provides insights into your team’s workflow and efficiency. Among all the project management tools, is often hailed as one of the best in offering a comprehensive view of …

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80 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Startup Founders

ChatGPT prompt

The dreaded writer’s block is a phenomenon we are all familiar with. Staring at a blank page while positively begging the words to form, with a frontal cortex that refuses to play along and an imagination that abandons you. And it isn’t a recent problem, either. Go back far enough and you will find neanderthals staring at …

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BANT for Startups: The 6-Tip Playbook for Sales Excellence


In the bustling realm of startups, how do you pinpoint the right prospects? Step into the world of the BANT framework, a proven strategy that sharpens sales focus. But what sets BANT apart? Dive into this guide and uncover the secret behind its power to transform your startup’s growth trajectory. Ready to discover? Brief Overview …

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