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357 Best Startup Tools for Startup Founders [Aug 2022]

357 Best Startup Tools for Startup Founders [Aug 2022]

Initiating a startup is a lot like having a baby for the first time. Your life transforms into an emotional rollercoaster filled with nerve-wracking turbulence and mind-blowing epiphanies; the journey is challenging but can be fruitful.

Entrepreneurs and startup founders are expected to wear many hats. They start by setting up the business and then act as the first salesperson, fund-raiser, quartermaster, paymaster, warehouse manager, project manager, tech guy, and several other jobs.

It's not always simple, but you often need a little knowledge of everything that may impact your startup. And to make this easier, you'd need tools to help you with coding, creating content, editing, marketing, storing data, etc. So, here are some of the best startup tools and resources to help you get started with your startup idea.

Venture Capital/ Fundraising Tools and Resources

Startups are enthralling. They infuse you with an entrepreneurial spirit that animates every thought, deed, and fiber of your being – one motivated by the excitement of invention and possibility. However, startups are not only powered by this electric spark; they require funding.

Following are some of the most reliable venture capital/fundraising tools and resources for startups.


Price: Free - $150/month

Foundersuite is an incredible tool for raising funds for your startup. It offers structure, speed, and efficiency to investor relations and fundraising. It provides a CRM tool to manage your investor funnel, an easily searchable database of venture capitalists, and an Investor Updater application that facilitates the creation of monthly progress reports.


Price: Free

Fundera is the financial resource of preference for every startup, enabling you to tackle your obstacles, achieve your financial objectives, and develop your company to the size of your dreams. It is a marketplace where you may connect with the correct startup financing for your company's financial needs.


Price: Free - $588/year

Over 50 million entrepreneurs, investors, market analysts, and sales professionals rely on this startup decision-making tool. Crunchbase provides web access to all startups, investors, and financing information. It offers advanced searching, configurable lists, customized alerts, and exporting CSV (Comma-Separated Values).


Price: Free - $250/month

Angellist is a platform that allows entrepreneurs, possible investors, early recruits, and team members to look for one another. It is a good option for capital-seeking entrepreneurs to connect with potential investors. Angel list also has a paid keyword research feature that comes under its recruit pro plan.


Price: Free

AirTree finances startups from the pre-revenue stage to the series B funding, ranging between $200,000 and over $20 million. They have helped fund companies such as Pawshake, Glam Corner, and HotDoc.


Price: $300 - $3000/year

Gust is a fantastic platform for launching, expanding, and funding your startup. They aid entrepreneurs in creating investable startups by providing mission-critical enterprise tools, potent performance benchmarks, and reliable fundraising suggestions. With 800,000+ startup owners and 85,000+ investors, Gust will link you to a startup environment like no other.

The Funded

Price: Free

TheFunded is an online forum for entrepreneurs to discover, rate, and evaluate global funding options. In addition, the platform enables entrepreneurs to read and exchange term sheets and assist one another in locating a potential investor.

Price: Free

This is truly the one-stop resource for generating startup financial plans, producing financial projections, looking for guidance on how to fund your startup, and obtaining basic business information to launch and expand a startup idea.

Venture Hacks

Price: Free

Venture Hacks is a startup-information blog by AngelList that provides "excellent startup advise." Venture Hacks is a site that helps startups with their funding and hiring needs.

Startup Funding Book

Price: Free

The Startup Funding Book is a blog by Nicolaj H. Nielsen and co-written by Tomasz Gidzgier. It is a comprehensive guide on startup funding to help entrepreneurs raise money for their startups.

Company Incorporation Tools

Are you prepared to incorporate your startup? One of the most crucial aspects of organizing your startup is picking the best online incorporation provider, which ranks second only to selecting a corporate structure for your startup. We're here to assist you in choosing the appropriate startup incorporation service.

Northwest Registered Agent

Price: $225 + State Fees

Northwest is known for having helpful and easy-to-reach customer service, so you will likely get the help you need during the most critical parts of startup incorporation.


Price: $799* One-Time Fees

One of the advantages of using Clerky for startup incorporation is its pay-per-service approach, which enables entrepreneurs to select only the services they need without paying for services they don't need. Clerky divides the formation process into two chapters, the first focusing on the actual creation of the corporation and the second on the necessary procedures to take after that, such as drafting bylaws and allocating founder vestment.


Price: Free - $299 + State Fees

Paying only the required state costs, you can incorporate a startup with Incfile and receive free registered agent services for a year. However, you need to pay more if you want additional features like a bank account, EIN, or assistance drafting bylaws.


Price: $39 - $249 + State Fees

ZenBusiness can facilitate the online corporation of your startup. From incorporation to LLC creation, ZenBusiness provides a multitude of services. In addition, customers who choose to incorporate using ZenBusiness's services receive registered agent services and an operating agreement at no additional cost.

Stripe Atlas

Price: 2.9% + €0.25 (Pay-as-you-go pricing)

Stripe Atlas is a startup incorporation service by Stripe that, in addition to business structuring, many additional services, including a guaranteed bank account. This can be highly beneficial for international startup founders who might find it difficult to open a bank account for their startup.

Rocket Lawyer

Price: Free - $149.99/month

Rocket Lawyer is a well-known firm that provides incorporation services in addition to continuous legal services. In addition, it gives users access to a library of legal forms and documents to help them understand corporation laws.

Gust Launch

Price:  $300 - $3000/year

Gust has one of the best startup business tools; Gust Launch. With Gust, you can set up modern startup bylaws, hire board members, and limit founder responsibility with a quick business incorporation process made by experts and entrepreneurs.


Price: $149 - $349 

LegalZoom is a popular business incorporation service; however, it produces more limited liability companies (LLCs) than corporations. Its website will guide you through the startup formation processes and even assist you in determining the most suitable corporate structure.

Legal Resources and Tools

Immense business ideas bring with them great responsibility. Every entrepreneur's top concern should be understanding and fulfilling legal obligations related to concept protection, registrations, copyrights, trademarks, patents, terms of service, privacy policies, legal agreements, etc.

Here are some of the best legal resources and great tools for startups to aid you in succeeding in your venture.


Price: $125 - $350 (Sample Hourly Rates) & $600 - $5000 (Fixed Fee Packages)

UpCounsel is legal services' Upwork. It's an online marketplace with over 5,000 skilled attorneys for consultations or freelance legal work. The platform features a section where startups may hire legal freelancers.


Price: Free - $2300/year Registration fees

When you present an idea to clients, Pitchmark enables you to avoid idea theft. You must register on pitchmark, obtain a pitchmark certificate verifying that the concept is yours, include that in the idea presentation files, and transmit the files via pitchmark platform. Even if you use these precautions and still have your idea stolen, the company's extensive legal network will support you in defending your rights.


Price: $49.99/month

Seed Lawyers is a legal technology firm offering help with intellectual property law, startup funding, employment law, agreements with other firms, co-founder legal agreements, and more. They have all that your startup requires in the modern economic landscape.


Price: Fee - $17.95/month

If you want to sign and submit legally enforceable agreements in a matter of seconds, then ShakeLaw is the best tool for you. This tool is easy to use through its iOS, Android, and web application. Shake allows you to make and send agreements for free, and for as little as $17.95 per month, you can get help from a personal lawyer.


Price: Free - Premium Agreement Price Depending on Your Startup Needs (One-Time Payment)

Every online business needs privacy policies, disclaimers, cookie policies, EULAs, and terms & conditions. TermsFeed customizes these documents for your business. Moreover, instead of using a generic template, it creates a special legal contract just for your company.

Startup Lawyer

Price: Free to Read Blog or Buy the Book on Amazon for $20.34

Startup lawyers write about legal concerns that arise during the startup's lifespan, such as incorporation, fundraising, stock options, venture capital, etc. You can read the information blog regarding startup laws and browse through their Startup Law Glossary to learn about essential startup terms.


Price: Different Pricing Depending on the Services and Startup Needs

Markify allows you to search worldwide trademarks. You may also use trademark and domain name watch services to locate comparable trademarks and domain names.


Price: Different Pricing Depending on the Services and Startup Needs

This legal technology firm uses AI to examine and process all of your company's contracts. AI intelligence used by this firm understands legal terminologies and contexts.


Price: $28 - $2157/month

Legal Sifter uses AI to review your contracts in seconds, tells you what's missing, and offers in-context guidance. The Company partners with legal firms to deliver integrated intelligence solutions.


Price: Free

PatentMonk allows you to locate the best, most economical patent attorney in the US for free. The SAAS in its beta stage might be helpful if used correctly.


Price: Free

Through Docracy, you can access thousands of legal documents chosen by a strong social community and put into hundreds of different categories.


Price: $220.00 - $1,280.00, Depending on Legal Services and Startup Needs

Lawtrades' products help startups find legal talent, monitor work performance, control legal spending, and much more. Find an attorney who meets your budget with a free consultation, cost estimate, customer testimonials, and law firm profiles.


Price: Free

Free legal documents for startup founders and entrepreneurs from the 500 startups team.

Free Privacy Policy

Price: Free

This tool is the quick and most straightforward way to secure your startup's website. This free tool can customize your site's privacy policy that fits your needs.


Price: Basic Policy- Free,  Premium Policy- $29.95/per policy, Premium Bundle- $59.95/all available premium policies

Make important legal policies for your web-based startup in minutes, without paying much to an attorney. You can use their free policies for personal, non-business purposes.

Series Seed Financing Documents

Price: Free

These are free, open-source legal documents in MS Word (.DOC) format for venture capital.

Google Patent Search

Price: Free

Google Patent Search is an easily accessible search tool for existing patents.

Website Building Tools

Website building might be tricky for a startup, and taking the wrong first move can make things complicated and tough to reverse. Here are some reliable website-building tools for startups to avoid such situations.


Price: $4.50 - $24.50/month

Wix allows you to design, manage, and build a professional website for your startup the way you want. It has 500+ customizable professionally designed website templates that are meant to fulfill your company's needs.


Price: Free - $25/month (when paid annually)

Weebly provides access to customizable page templates and helpful tools for building a website and growing a startup business. You may quickly build a free website to promote your business and expand your clientele.


Price: Free - $45/month (save upto 20% with yearly billing)

More than 3,500,000 designers and teams use Webflow to build, collaborate on, and develop unique websites on a totally visual canvas. With the Webflow Designer, you can use the maximum capabilities of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build any website you can think of.


Price: $23 - $65/month (save upto 30% with yearly billing)

You can use Squarespace's top-of-the-line website templates, designer font styles, and color palettes to make a website that fits your personal style and your startup's needs. Squarespace makes SaaS-based content management systems that include a website builder, a blogging platform, and a hosting service.


Price: $8 - $49 (when paid annually)

Trusted by millions of entrepreneurs and creatives, Strikingly provides a web-based platform that allows startups to build mobile-optimized websites.


Price: $5 - $2000/month

Shopify distinguishes itself from other website builders by offering free customizable website designs to help you launch your startup fast and efficiently and focus on online sales. Shopify isn't for you if you just need a "brochure" site and don't need to sell anything online.


Price: offers custom pricing depending on your requirements

Ceros is a cloud-based design platform that enables the best interactive content on the web. It gives startups everything they need to stand out in the crowded digital world. It helps you make, publish, analyze, and update web content in real-time.


Price: Free - $39/month

Jimdo lets anyone, from artists to chefs, freelancers to startups, make a website on a computer, smartphone, or tablet with a simple, easy-to-use interface.


Price: $49 - $399/year

The visual builder in Elementor makes it easy to put together and customize every part of your website. Elementor is an all-in-one solution for graphically designing complete WordPress websites.


Price: $19 - $59/month (save upto 25% with annual billing)

Duda is a major website builder for digital marketing firms, hosting businesses, startups, and online directories.


Price: $5.99 - $22.99/month

Webs is a website-building tool that allows users to build websites that include blogs, picture albums, video galleries, and discussion forums. Webs' professionally designed templates and simple free website builders make it easy to create a startup website..


Price: $19 - $58/month (when billed annually)

PageCloud is Designed for entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, and startup companies. You can establish a website or online store without coding by publishing your home page without coding.


Price: Free - $29.99/month

Bookmarks' AI software AIDA enables you to create a customized, mobile-friendly website in minutes. You'll be prepared to display a business-like site that gives visitors the idea you mean business.


Price: Free - $208.5/month

Strattic is an all-in-one platform for building static sites and hosting them. It makes WordPress work better right away by converting it to a static architecture. Strattic turns CMS-based websites into serverless versions that are faster, easier to scale, and almost impossible to hack.


Price: offers custom pricing according to your startup needs

Using machine learning, Intellimize intelligently optimizes your website to boost revenue and client acquisition.


Price: $21 - $63/month (when billed annually)

The quickest route for startups to go public. You develop an amazing website from scratch and get it published in no time.

Design Tools and Resource

Design matters a lot when it comes to your webpage, Facebook, and Instagram pages. So, here are some of the best design tools and resources for your startup.

Canva and Canva Pro

Price: Depends on the number of users for Canva; Free - $19.99/year for 1 to 5 users &  $30/month for 1 person in Enterprise plan54.99/year for 1-5 users & $30/month per person in Enterprise plan

Canva can assist you in creating everything from social media covers and posts to event invitations and much more. Canva Pro lets you establish a brand kit with consistent colors and fonts, tweak templates, share photo folders, and resize graphics.


Price: Free or $119.99/year

The site is your go-to location for exploring icons, vectors, and even images - anything you'd need to patch together into a website or/and app. It is run and filled by a team of designers, developers, and other digital experts in Spain.


Price: $60/year

It's a treasure trove of freebies. You may browse 10,000+ freeware designs, images, and graphic components for your startup.


Price: Free - $179.88/year

The finest free tool for editing images and creating unique designs on your browser, phone, or desktop. Start with a blank canvas, a picture, a video, or one of its expertly made templates.

Adobe Color CC

Price: Free

The goal is to utilize the color wheel to pick four colors for your site, blog, page, graphic picture, infographic, etc., that match with your selected one color to a tee, based on the rule you set in the upper left side of the screen. If you're short on time, you may utilize the "Explore" tab to copy, change, and save other users' schemes.


Price: $2399/year

With more than 250,000 users around the world, Instapage is among the best landing page builders. It is a complete, easy-to-use tool for any pages you might need to add to your website.


Price: Free

Freebbble is free to use platform if you're looking for outstanding designs for your startup created by Dribbble's community of expert designers.


Price: $4.99 - $9.99/month

BeFunky is a platform that combines the capabilities of a collage creator, photo editor, and designer into one place, serving as a one-stop shop for the majority of your startup needs.

Design Seeds

Price: Free

Design Seeds may help you gain brand image ideas and HEX codes even if you're not a graphic designer.

Creative Market

Price: $19.95 - $49.95/month

This popular platform has a lot of graphic resources, including 3D ones, like templates, icons, wallpapers, themes for WordPress, brushes and other Photo editing add-ons, and more.


Price: Free

Pablo is a free editing platform for socially-engaged startups. It allows you to post visual quotes to all of your social networks at once. Link it up with the popular online sharing tool Buffer, and you're good to go.


Price: Free - $297 when billed annually (Contact Visme to get Enterprise plan prices)

Create illustrations, social networking designs, reports, promotional materials, sales collateral, video files, animated graphics, lead magnets, and any other forms of visual content your startup might need.


Price: Free - $12/month (Contact Lucidpress to get a quote for Business plan)

Lucidpress elevates you to designer status in the eyes of your consumers by providing static and dynamic templates, drag-and-drop capability, and fostering collaboration.

Price: $2 - $5/month is where you can make your own infographics. It has a lot of templates, objects, and pictures to choose from. connects you with a designer who can make all types of visual materials for your startup. You can choose from templates based on your needs, expertise, and time.


Price: Free - $14/month (Contact Picktochart for Enterprise plan prices)

Piktochart is an all-in-one solution for visual content. Piktochart lets you create professional-looking designs without graphic design knowledge or expertise. Its drag-and-drop editor lets you make infographics, brochures, and presentations in minimum time.

Productivity Tools

You have great ideas and a business strategy, your startup is funded, and you even have outstanding marketing visuals! But, to maintain your company running on a daily basis, you must get things done simply and efficiently. Here are some effective productivity tools to help you drive your startup ahead.


Price: Free - $9.99/month

With your notes, objectives, and schedule all in one place, you can remember everything and accomplish any project. Evernote's free plan allows you to clip information from the web, write your own notes, share with team members, and collaborate on projects.


Price: Free - $12.50/month (Contact Slack Sales for Enterprise Grid plan prices)

If you have remote staff members and aren't currently utilizing Slack's chat and document sharing platform, adopting it might result in significant productivity improvements. Slack enables you to operate quicker and more flexibly with all your people, tools, and communication in one location.


Price: Free - $120/month id billed annually (Enterprise plan charges depend upon the number of users)

Trello allows you to collaborate, manage projects, and achieve new productivity levels. Everyone on your team can access project overviews, assets, checklists, and more with the card-based project tracking system. Trello quickly syncs across all your devices, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date information. It is also a great tool for project management and is used by millions of startups to manage their workflow.


Price: Per person $4 - $11/month

Lattice simplifies and standardizes employee productivity and goal management. Lattice's Platform program includes real-time feedback from employees, weekly check-ins, assessment tools, and multi-level goal management.


Price: Free - $29/month (Contact CoSchedule for Marketing Suite plan prices)

CoSchedule is a marketing tool that allows your team to manage your content marketing schedule, social networking, overall marketing strategy, and projects all in one place. CoSchedule offers Headline Analyzer and Click to Tweet tools for SEO and sharing.


Price: Free - $299.88 (when billed annually)

Asana helps your team come up with ideas, manage projects, and do other things without burying everyone in a mountain of emails and phone calls. Asana comes with built-in templates, team pages, and to-do lists, and you can also assign tasks from within Asana.


Price: Free - $120/year

Buffer enables the straightforward management of social media updates for your startup. Bulk-schedule posts for Pinterest (on premium plans), LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.


Price: $948 - $2988 (when billed annually)

Elevio offers end-user assistance on your website to reduce ticket numbers and boost user interaction. Elevio makes it simple for site visitors to get what they need by utilizing all of your support materials.


Price: Free - $145/month (Contact Jira to get Enterprise plan prices)

Jira assists software development teams in "shipping early and frequently." To plan, track, ship, and enhance your products, you may utilize Jira's workflow templates or create your own.


Price: Contact Outreach to obtain current pricing

Outreach is a well-known account-based sales communication system. You may utilize Outreach to contact prospects and clients, prioritize their efforts, and integrate Salesforce and Gmail for business productivity.


Price: Free - $192/year

Calendly is where you can schedule meetings professionally and efficiently without sending and receiving emails back and forth. This lets you do more work.

Popular Project Management Tools

Tools for project management help project managers and teams meet client needs while staying within budget, time, and scope limits. These business applications provide benefits, particularly if chosen appropriately to fulfill a startup's needs.


Price: Pricing depends upon the number of users; $29 - $39/month per user

In terms of corporate project management, Ravetree is an all-in-one solution. You can create time records and link them to specific projects, tasks, clients, and other entities with a single click.


Price: $228 - $1188/year

TeamGantt is a project management platform for startups and small businesses. With an easy-to-find availability tab, you can keep track of resources, stay within your budget, and make sure everyone is working efficiently.

Kiss Flow

Price: $120 - $240/year (Contact Kiss Flow to get Enterprise plan quote)

Kiss Flow is a project management tool that puts teamwork and productivity first. Through kiss flow, you can plan your team's work, find out who is working on what, and get results with minimal tracking.

Project Manager

Price: Free - $20.50 (Contact Project Manager to get Enterprise plan quote)

The Project Manager allows remote task management and timesheet updates. Dashboards that are always up to date for projects. You can keep track of progress, costs, work, and more with live graphs.

Function Fox

Price: $5 - $20/month (For 1st time users its $35 - $150/month)

Function  Fox gives you the platform and tools you need to help your organization grow, whether you're trying to make internal planning more manageable, keep a lot of projects on track, predict workloads, fix communication problems, or meet deadlines.


Price: $19 - $99/month

Plutio is a project management solution that enables you to manage projects and tasks, submit bids, and generate invoices in a single site. Create entirely customizable dashboards with graphs, statistics, and more for your startup needs.


Price: $270/year or $450 one time

Celoxis is a perfect, ultra-customizable combination of traditional project management, new agile trends, and workflow automation. It provides real-time visibility into project and programs budget expenses, receivables, and profitability.


Price: Free - $1750/year

With Backlog, You can handle projects and tasks well, and each team can have its own tools. Within this one platform, sales teams can keep track of prospects, and development teams can assign issues and evaluate code.


Price: Free - $72/year

Todoist is a customizable project management tool for small and medium-sized businesses. It's an effective task manager with many useful tools for productivity improvement, organizing activities, and creating schedules.


Price: Free - $4788/year

Nifty is a project management solution that dramatically reduces all project management headaches. Nifty's software features Kanban, list views, a Google-synced calendar, and file sharing.

Human Resources & Hiring Tools

Human resource software restores the concept that a happy team is fundamental to a successful organization. The HR tools merge administrative and HR operations, allowing HR managers to track job progress, issue tasks, provide awards and analyze performance all in one spot.


Price: $3 - $6/month per employee

GroveHR puts all of your human resources in one place and offers a wide range of features and functions in an easy-to-use format.


Price: $299/month (To hire employees) & $29 (To hire contractors)

Companies of all sizes can use Remote to hire teams from all over the world for a small flat fee. Remote gives your global workforce feasible legal solutions. Their HR experts in every region protect your intellectual property in the best way possible.

Viva HR

Price: Depends on the number of  location included

Through VivaHR, you can publish your job to more than 50 job boards with just one click, assuring the best outcomes. VivaHR's dashboard makes it easy to see where you are in the hiring process.


Price: Depends on the number of employees present in the company

Performly helps you organize, manage, and automate all of your HR processes and workflows. Additionally, with its attendance and leave module, you can track what your employees do daily.


Price: Contact Workday to obtain current pricing

Workday is a compatible (SaaS) system that manages all aspects of the employee lifecycle in one HRMS. The modules let startups do things like work worldwide, handle payroll and benefits, manage employees, and help them learn.

Turbo Hire

Price: $45 - $99/month

TurboHire is a talent acquisition solution that automates natural language processing and elastic search tools to expedite the whole recruitment process. It is a one-stop shop for all of your human resources templates and checklists.

People Strategy

Price: Contact PeopleStrategy to obtain current pricing

PeopleStrategy is a cloud-based HR management software for SMEs. Its components address all core requirements (productivity, compensation planning, integration), resource planning, payroll, and talent acquisition.

Breezy HR

Price: Free - $4788/year

With Breezy HR, your hiring process will go more smoothly. It's an HRM system that makes finding and hiring qualified professionals effortless. Using compatible accounting software like Zoho with HRM tools increases the productivity and efficiency of your startup.


Price: $40 - $80/month

From recruiting your first employees to scaling your rapidly growing company, Gusto helps startups locate exceptional employees and makes them feel welcomed and supported from the beginning.


Price: $8 - $21/year

Zenefits manages human resources, compliance, payroll, and benefits administration for your startup from a single dashboard. Benefits Platinum subscription includes premium HR tools, auto-updating payroll service, and assistance from qualified HR consultants.


Price: Offers custom pricing depending on your requirements

PulseHRM is a leading provider of cloud-based payroll and HRM software. It's easy to track when employees come in and leave by looking at the tool's dashboards.


Price: $49 - $99+/per contract/month

Deel is a platform that enables you to hire contractors and employees overseas and manage the whole process through their system. “Whether you want to hire a contractor in the UK, twenty employees in Brazil or run payroll in thirteen different countries where you own entities. You can do it all with Deel”.

Education/Entrepreneurship Tools and Resources

Lenny Rachitsky's Newsletter

Price: Free

Lenny Rachitsky's weekly Substack newsletter contains useful tips on product development, growth strategies, and early-stage investing. Paid subscribers can access more information and a private network of product managers, founders, and growth leaders.

Video Series on How To Start a Startup

Price: Free

This resource is a collection of videos that were first given as lectures at Stanford last year. The library keeps adding more 45-minute videos on a wide range of topics regarding startups.

Y Combinator Safe Financing Documents

Price: Free

Want to ensure that your first round of funding is legal? Y Combinator puts together a list of standard SAFE documents, like "Safe: Valuation Cap, No Discount," "Pro Rata Side Letter," and "Safe: MFN, No Discount, No Valuation Cap." These well-recognized documents facilitate the procedure for new entrepreneurs.

The Kellblog by Dave Kellog

Price: Free

Dave Kellogg is a well-known advisor, consultant, angel investor, and blogger focusing on enterprise software startups.

Kellblog addresses subjects like corporate strategy, marketing strategy, communications, positioning, management, go-to-market models, SaaS metrics, operational metrics, and VC finance.

Startup Field Guide

Price: Free

The Field Guide by Unusual Ventures is an excellent place to look for tactical, step-by-step business advice on how to get your B2B SaaS product to fit the market. This tactical field guide offers the best methods and resources entrepreneurs need to handle early-stage startup difficulties.

Startup Community Building and Management Tools

Creating a community around a brand and maintaining ongoing communication with its customers are the goals of community management.  Moreover, the community enables the startups to rapidly and easily collect customer input, and the reverse is also true. For better community building of your startup, you must use customer support tools along with community management tools.

Here are some of the valuable tools to build and manage your startup's community.


Price: $39 - $399/month

Circle is a platform for entrepreneurs, brands, and creators to build communities with everything they need. You can add your brand, make discussion threads, stream live, have group chat rooms, great-looking Q&A discussion threads, member directories, and much more.

Sprout Social

Price: $1068 - $2988/year

Sprout Social is a startup social media community management tool that helps teams manage content, analytics, social listening, and more. With Sprout, you can post to social profiles and Facebook Groups to reach a bigger audience.


Price: Offers custom pricing depending on your business

The Keyhole tool lets users see social mentions from a number of different channels. From social media sites to online forums and blogs, you'll be the first to know when someone is talking about your brand online.


Price: $108 - $7188/year

It is one of the best tools for community building and management. With the help of Habitat, you can turn your customers into a community. It enables you to create a startup community on your well-branded and fully functional domain.

Price: $99 - $199/month  (20% off if billed yearly)

(To get their Enterprise plan prices you’ll have to contact is an alternative choice for social media management in general and community management. This application allows you to track brand mentions and keywords online and get an overview of all conversations.

Sales & Marketing Tools for Startups

Sales and marketing tools for startups can help you get initial clients and maintain momentum. Check out the sales and marketing tools for startups to help you grow your business, locate quality leads, and close more sales.


Price: Packages are made based on your total ad spend, monthly web traffic, and database size and growth

Clearbit Connect, a free sales intelligence platform, may help you reveal anyone's email address in seconds. It helps you find new opportunities by highlighting individual and company information next to every Gmail conversation.


Price: $45 - $3200/month (Marketing)

$45 - 1200/month (Sales)

(10% off on the first two plans if paid annually)

Hubspot is an integrated marketing and sales tool that may help you increase traffic to your website, increase lead conversion rates, and satisfy your consumers. The freemium marketing software offers all of the tools you'll need to carry out your intercepting marketing approach.


Price: Free - $299/month (20% off if billed yearly)

Buzzsumo is one of the most powerful social media marketing tools that shows popular website content by topic. It scans social media sites to see what people are talking about. This marketing tool allows you to collaborate with a specialized influencer to enhance website traffic, fan following, and brand visibility.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

Price: $79.9/month - $88.6 (25% off if billed yearly)

(To get their Advanced Plus plan prices you’ll have to contact LinkedIn Sales Navigator)

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator has enormous potential, making it one of the industry's most significant Google analytics tools. Sales Navigator improves the visibility of your sales network, optimizes your marketing and sales efforts, and offers advanced search capabilities.


Price: Monthly: $589 - $849/month

Yearly: $225 - $459/month

(To get their Gold plan prices you’ll have to contact NinjaOutreach)

NinjaOutreach is a marketing solution specifically to help digital marketers reach out and establish connections with industry influencers. This marketing tool is a one-stop shop for all of your outreach campaigns, with over 25 million influencer contacts from every niche and country.


Price: Monthly: Free - $119/month

12-Month: Free - $97.58/month

24-Month: Free - 83.3/month

GetResponse is an all-inclusive internet marketing platform that gives you access to tools for efficient webinars, landing sites, email marketing, and marketing automation. GetResponse can design attractive, responsive, and conversion-optimized landing pages, boost customer communication with webinar tools and manage customer journeys with marketing automation solutions. GetResponse offers different packages


Price: $35 - $100/month billed annually

$45 - $125/month billed quarterly

Klenty lets sales teams connect with prospects more easily by automating follow-ups and personalized emails. With Klenty, it's easy for your sales team to send automated sales emails.


Price: Free - $59/month

Omnisend is a marketing automation platform for eCommerce businesses that are focused on growth. This email marketing tool allows you to establish automated workflows to reach all of your clients in minutes. You can add channels like SMS, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, push notifications, and more to the same automation workflow.

Wrap Up

There are an almost limitless number of tools out there for startups. It's difficult to keep up with them all and figure out which ones will be most helpful in your journey as well!

Here we've compiled some startup arsenal that'll help you on every level-from founding a company, developing products or services (and marketing), growing revenue name it!! The list goes on so check these essentials -they're worth their weight during any entrepreneurial endeavor

Is there anything else you'd like to see here?

Please do let us know if there are any other tools that we should try.

We'd love to hear about the free tools you've found most useful and how you've used them. You are welcome to share your thoughts on any specific tool in the comments section below.

Thank You!


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