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9 min read

Startup Founders: Effective Employee Retention Strategies To Keep Your Team Engaged

Building a startup is tough, but keeping your team engaged and committed is even tougher. Employee turnover not only disrupts your daily operations...

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Side hustle

16 min read

10 Side Hustles That Startup Founders Can Leverage For Success

The entrepreneurial journey can be difficult at times, especially when finances are tight. Between meetings, pitches, and just trying to keep the...

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2 and 20

5 min read

2 and 20: Explanation of the Venture Capital Fee Structure

In the world of venture capital, the phrase "Two and Twenty" is more than just a numerical expression; it's a fundamental framework that dictates how...

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Minimum Viable Product

11 min read

The Startup's Guide to Building a Minimum Viable Product

As an entrepreneur, you know that in the world of startups, every moment is precious and every resource is a treasure. If you're holding onto a...

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14 min read

What Is Crypto And How Does It Work

Welcome to the world of cryptocurrency—a groundbreaking digital phenomenon revolutionizing the financial landscape.

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Advisory Shares

8 min read

How Advisory Shares Can Help Compensate Your Startup Board Of Advisors

Navigating the world of startups can be challenging, especially when it comes to compensating your Board of Advisors. You want to reward them for...

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Soft Skills

9 min read

10 Soft Skills Every Founder Needs To Achieve Startup Growth

Making your way through the startup landscape requires more than just a groundbreaking idea or robust technical skills. It demands a set of...

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Economic downturn

15 min read

Navigating an Economic Downturn: 5 Strategies to Survive and Thrive

Economic downturns are an inevitable part of the business cycle. They present both challenges and opportunities for businesses. During times of...

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12 min read

TikTok Review: Features, Stats, And Tips For Startups

So, you've seen a lot of companies, perhaps even your competitors, jumping on TikTok, creating fun content, and getting a ton of engagement in...

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business model canvas

11 min read

Unfolding the Business Model Canvas: A Start-Up's Roadmap to Success

Remember the time you started a business, fixed on one goal to have a rock-solid business model? Just when you feel everything is in place and all...

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