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By Oran Yehiel · Updated November 21, 2022

There's no doubt that active investors are a driving force in the economy. They help to spur innovation and growth, by investing in new businesses and products.

These investors are the ones to watch, as they can give you an idea of where the industry is heading and what type of investments are trending right now!

In this monthly issue, we will take a look at which industries and types of investments are most popular among active investors. Stay tuned to find out who led the pack in October 2022!


  • There is a clear decline in the number of investments since Jan 2022 (see graph below)
  • Tiger Global Management and Insight Partners are the most active investors for Series A and Series B rounds since the beginning of 2022 
  • Y Combinator and SOSV are the most active investors for Pre Seed and Seed rounds since the beginning of 2022 
  • Jasper was able to secure $125M in funding taking it to a unicorn valuation in less than 18 months!

Total Number of Early Stage Investments (Pre-Seed to Series B)

MonthTotal # of investmentsTotal Amount (USD in M)
Jan 2022111017405
Feb 2022104014597
Mar 2022126517843
Apr 2022106713551
May 202297212392
Jun 202298614401
Jul 20227687785
Aug 20227849363
Sep 202282611427
Oct 20226917560

5 Most Active Investors in October 2022

#DetailsPre SeedSeedSeries ASeries B
1Namegener8tor MaC Venture Capital Insight PartnersAndreessen Horowitz
Total investments6622
Total amount (USD)$600K$21.8M$145M$60M
2NameTechstars Seattle AcceleratorAndreessen HorowitzFelicis VenturesU.S. Venture Partners
Total investments5322
Total amount (USD)N/A38.2M$85M$43M
3NameJAM Fund Base10 PartnersNorwest Venture PartnersABC International, CCB Capital
Total investments2321
Total amount (USD)$7.8M$13M$35M$277M
4NameRace CapitalInsight PartnersGLP, Hidden Hill Capital, Yinshan CapitalGeneral Catalyst
Total investments2211
Total amount (USD)$6.1M$16M$300M$168M
5NameAntler IndiaOctopus VenturesGoldman Sachs Asset ManagementPolychain
Total investments2211
Total amount (USD)$540K$12.7M$90M$165M

5 Most Active Investors in 2022 YTD (Jan-Oct)

#DetailsPre SeedSeedSeries ASeries B
1NameY CombinatorSOSVTiger Global ManagementTiger Global Management
Total investments49495332
Total amount (USD)$21M$9.83M$1.26B$1.55B
2NameAntlerInflection Point VenturesInsight PartnersInsight Partners
Total investments47283829
Total amount (USD)$5.8M$25.6M$1.08B$1.51B
3NameEXPERT DOJOAndreessen HorowitzAndreessen HorowitzSoftBank Vision Fund
Total investments2428298
Total amount (USD)$2M$468M$722M$811M
4NameSam Enrico WilliamsY CombinatorLightspeed Venture PartnersTemasek Holdings
Total investments1822168
Total amount (USD)$190K$35M$481M$560M
5NameXLerateHealthNova Growth CapitalIndex VenturesWestbridge Capital
Total investments1518137
Total amount (USD)$1.1M$303M$238M

Biggest Checks in October 2022

#DetailsPre SeedSeedSeries ASeries B
1Startup NamePaytrixStability AIFarizon AutoHithium
Lead InvestorHambro Perks Ltd.Coatue, Lightspeed Venture Partners, O'Shaughnessy Asset ManagementGLP, Hidden Hill Capital, Yinshan CapitalABC International, CCB Capital
Investment (USD)$5.67M$98.8M$300M$276.6M
2Startup NameStems LabsEVAS IntelligenceJasperOdyssey Therapeutics
Lead InvestorIDEO CoLab VenturesGuangzhou Automobile Group, Oriental Fortune CapitalInsight PartnersGeneral Catalyst
Investment (USD)$4M$41.4M$125M$168M
3Startup NameFunTellusNested TherapeuticsUniswap
Lead InvestorJAM FundAndreessen HorowitzGoldman Sachs Asset ManagementPolychain
Investment (USD)$3.9M$26M$90M$165M
4Startup NameSidekickEndor LabsMatchpoint TherapeuticsNeumora Therapeutics
Lead InvestorOctopus VenturesDell Technologies Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sierra VenturesSanofi VenturesMubadala Capital Ventures
Investment (USD)$3.85M$25M$70M$112M
5Startup NameUpSmithTeldaPrenuvoAltana AI
Lead InvestorAndreessen Horowitz, Asymmetric Capital PartnersGlobal Founders Capital, Sequoia CapitalFelicis VenturesActivate Capital Partners
Investment (USD)$3.3M$20M$70M$100M

Source: CrunchBase, CB Insights, dealroom

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